Top 6 Best Scented Beeswax Candles from Root Candles gift on New Year

Gifting Scented Candles on this new year could be a great idea. We are bringing you the best beeswax scented candles from Root candles here.

Best Scented Beeswax Candles 2020: Unwinding after a long day by getting into comfy clothes and lighting up a scented candle is our favourite way to relax at home! And since you have landed upon this post about the best-scented beeswax candles from Root Candles, we are pretty sure that you share the same feelings as us.

Scented candles don’t just smell great, but there is also something romantic and magical about the aura that the gleaming light of a candle creates in a dark room – isn’t it? These days, scented candles are available in tons of variants and of course, tons of fragrances as well. There are paraffin wax candles, palm wax candles, gel wax candles, beeswax candles – all available in the most unique fragrances that you may have never heard of.

However, the kind of wax which is used for candle making is an important aspect to look out for when buying the best-scented candles for your home which is free of all the baddies. Scented Candles made out of paraffin wax are actually the most common ones available in the market.

Although, a quite disturbing fact that you may not be aware of is that the scented candles made out of paraffin wax possess a great threat to your health if you use them frequently! Paraffin wax creates two highly toxic carcinogens – benzene and toluene when burnt, which can put you at risk for lung infections and even lung cancer. It is specifically bad for those with asthma or any other respiratory disorders.

Scented candles made using beeswax are the safest pick for anyone looking for non-toxic scented candles that leave a long-lasting fragrance behind. Beeswax is a natural ingredient that neither pollute the air nor affects your health in any way. It is derived from melted honeycombs – the melted wax gets strained to get rid of the impurities out of it and then the wax is kept aside in moulds to solidify.

A well-known brand that produces the best-scented beeswax candles made in the USA is surely Root Candles. They are a popular name in the scented candles industry as they make their candles with 100% natural beeswax that promise purity and quality.

For those of you who are hearing about the brand for the very first time, let us introduce you to it! With this post, we are taking you through the list of 6 best-scented candles from Root Candles. So if you are a scented candle lover, you are definitely going to love getting to know about these unique non-toxic fragrances from Root Candles! Let’s jump right into the post.

Best Scented Candles

1. Root Candles Honeycomb Veriglass Scented Beeswax Blend Candle – Fresh Balsam

scented beeswax candleWho is it for: Someone who loves balsamic fragrance. 

The “Fresh Balsam” scented candle, as mentioned by the brand, is a “luscious, earthy combination of Canadian fir needle and green citrus”. This candle is from their Honey Blends collection, containing essential oils that create the perfect sensory experience.

It has to be the best fragrance for Christmas eve or to bring in Christmas vibes to your home anytime around the year as the notes of Canadian fir needle are warm and crispy, similar to the aroma of a Christmas tree.

Customer Reviews


Love that these are a more natural candle. The scent of this is gorgeously Christmas-y. The fragrance warms the whole room and then some, and they burn for a long time. These are the only candles I buy now

Randy Stice

Slow burning and great scent.

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2. Root Candles Honeycomb Veriglass Scented Beeswax Blend Candle –  English Lavender

beeswax scented candlesWho is it for: Someone who loves calming and soothing fragrances that shoo away the worries in a whiff. 

The fragrance of lavender is known to relieve stress and uplift the mood. It also helps with insomnia with its sleep-promoting benefits.

This kind of fragrance is truly great if you are suffering from depression or anxiety as studies show that the fragrance of Lavender is great for keeping your mental state calm and relaxed. Root Candles has described the scent as “An earthy, true lavender essence of a newly blossomed lavender plant. . . clean, green, sharp blue lavender softened by chamomile, thyme, and sheer musk”.

The base notes consisting of thyme and sheer musk make this scented candle more therapeutic.

Customer Reviews


This candle is exactly what I was looking for in a candle. Beeswax is the BEST it doesn’t emit smoke or soot. The wick is natural and not polyester or hemp, don’t wanna get high. The smell is just the right strength, it’s not too strong and in your face and annoying that you need to open your windows, yet it isn’t too light that you wonder if your sense of smell is gone. Root Legacy candles are hands down the BEST candles money can buy!

Avoid store-bought candles you don’t know what they put in em. Paraffin or petroleum-based wax can cause cancer. Soy wax? That’s another story for another day.


Good quality.

Not using soy or paraffin ever again.


Great quality! Strong smelling and slow-burning. Makes for a wonderful gift. Will buy again.

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3. Root Candles Honeycomb Veriglass Scented Beeswax Blend Candle – French Vanilla

beeswax scented sandleWho is it for: Someone with a love for sweet fragrances that just remind you of your favourite sweet shop or bakery. 

The French Vanilla scented candle from Root Candles is definitely a classic fragrance that would be loved by anyone and everyone. Root explains its fragrance as “classic, traditional, comforting scent of sweet vanilla beans on a bakery background. The perfect amount of sweet.” – the mere mention of sweet vanilla beans already has us swooning over this candle!

Customer Review


It took a while to find a beeswax/natural based candle in Canada since all the ones in the store seem to be made with paraffin. Vanilla is my favourite candle scent and Root created a beautiful, creamy vanilla scent that isn’t fake or sweet. Purchased the small size to try, but will definitely be ordering more scents in the large size! Note, you can reuse the pretty glass jar with the metal lid after your candle is used up.

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4. Root Candles Honeycomb Veriglass Scented Beeswax Blend Candle – Rose Bouquet

beeswax scented candle from rootcandlesWho is it for: Someone who loves floral and feminine notes in fragrances. 

Roses are everyone’s favourite flowers, and their fragrance is just too divine to not fall in love with. Alongside the heavenly rose fragrance, the rose bouquet beeswax scented candle from Root Candles also carries the notes of feminine jasmine and green leaf – a perfect mixture of romantic and earthy scents, isn’t it?

User Reviews: 

parfum agréable dure longtemps bonne qualité

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5. Root Candles Honeycomb Veriglass Scented Beeswax Blend Candle – Tangerine Lemongrass

scented beeswax candles in 2020Who is it for: Someone who likes zesty and rich citrusy fragrance. 

Are you in for a refreshing and re-energizing sensory experience? Then look no further than this! The Tangerine Lemongrass scented candle from Root candles is something that would zap away all of your stress after a tiring day with its citrusy fragrance!

This zesty scent has uplifting notes of citrus, grapefruit, and bergamot. Its warm base notes come from cedarwood, musk, and vanilla. We would totally suggest trying out this particular scent if you are big on zesty fragrances.

Customer Reviews 

Evan Thomas Humphreys

The price of these candles took my breath away but I wanted something that was less toxic than cheap paraffin. I have burned a candle every day for 30 minutes. A single candle lasted 33 days. At this rate, the package will last over 18 months, which makes this a great deal in my opinion. I would recommend using a container made for a votive candle. The wax will pool at the bottom but will continue to burn until almost all of it is consumed. Almost no smoke, even after blowing it out. Perfect amount of scent!

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6. Root Candles Hive Scented Beeswax Blend 3-Wick Candle – Bourbon Pear

best scented beeswax candleWho is it for Someone who enjoys all-things-autumn, the fragrances of spiced lattes, bourbon, and everything of that sort! 

Want to fill up your room with a mild yet pleasant scent fast? Root Candles has 3-wick candles in store for you!

3-wick candles burn in quicker than a single wick candle – thus spreading the fragrance across the room much faster. This particular 3-wick beeswax candle from Root Candles in Bourbon Pear fragrance has a classic autumn fragrance with a blend of crispy, caramel, and spicy notes that gives the best comforting vibes.

Customer Review


Bourbon Pear is the best!

I have been ordering unscented ROOT candles for years. This month I wanted to try a few of the scents. The Bourbon Pear is by far my favorite! I have a pretty sensitive nose, but this one doesn’t irritate it at all. I could curl up inside this candle! So yummy!

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